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Blackjack is the most widely played casino game in the world.

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. Have you got what it takes to test yourself at the table?

Getting a score of 21 on your first two cards is the ultimate prize and a Blackjack! Play with Gold Coins to test your strategy and then switch to Sweeps Coins and beat the dealer to win cash prizes.

Online Blackjack is a fast-paced card game that is played by a single player and a dealer. It’s a game of chance, luck and skill where the sole objective is for players to beat the dealer’s total score by getting close to 21, without exceeding 21. If the total value of their hand is less than 21, players can choose to Hit, which means they will get one more card each time, or Stand which signals that they are happy with the current total. Anyone who exceeds 21 Busts and their hand is forfeited. The dealer's score is the only one players need to beat. Some game types will make the dealer stand when they reach a total of 17. However, this is not always the case and Dealers can exceed 17 if they Hit on a lower number. Online Blackjack allows players to control how they play, with no pressures to act or play; players can take their time. The online Blackjack game browser comes with graphics, animations and sounds that give the player the experience of playing the famous classic casino game without being confined to a traditional real-life brick and mortar casino. Online Blackjack caters for all experience levels and allows beginners to learn the game in an environment of their choosing and control the flow of the game. Online Blackjack can be played anywhere, all that is required is a device capable of running the software and a decent internet connection.
Blackjack is fast and easy to learn but also rewards a well thought out strategy. Players can smash out a few hands whenever they want, wherever they want. There are always tables available in online Blackjack and because of the speed of the game players won’t be stuck playing for hours, unless they want to. Online Blackjack has dozens of different iterations to suit different play styles and budgets. Most games will have a flexible playing amount and can go as low as GC1, which means players can enjoy the popular card game without spending a significant amount. Blackjack also allows the player to choose how they want to play. They can Stand, Hit and have some control in deciding the outcome. With a virtually unlimited number of tables, players can play multiple games in different browsers and have complete control of how they play, whether it’s a few casual hands while commuting to work or a massive session.
Blackjack can be played seriously, fun or both. Free trials are offered for Blackjack and allow players to experience the game without having to download any software. There are many different variations of Blackjack that exist. They include: Progressive Blackjack - Players are given the option to place a side amount down that allows them to go into the draw to win the jackpot. A tiny amount from each wager goes towards fuelling the prize and the total can reach a very large amount before it is won. How to win the jackpot is usually located in the pay table. Blackjack Surrender - Black Surrender has the same gameplay as standard Blackjack, except the player is given the option to surrender, giving up their hand and getting back half their wager. Also has the 7 card Charlie rule. If a player has 7 cards that are equal or under 21, it beats everything except a two card Blackjack. Spanish 21 - Is played with 6-8 decks and all tens are removed. Spanish 21 uses the surrender rule and has the added stipulation that a player’s 21 always beats the dealers. In some versions, dealers can hit on 17, rather than having to stand. Pontoon - Is like Spanish 21, there are no tens, 6-8 decks and players can surrender. Scores also have to be at least 15 or higher to be counted. Blackjack Switch - Players are forced to play at least two hands; however they can switch cards between the two. Players have to play on both hands and dealers don’t bust on 22; they tie with everything except a players two card 21.